“Power Electronic Signaling Technology”讲座通知

来源:未知   发布日期:2010年05月17日


主题:Power Electronic Signaling Technology

——A New Class of Power Electronics Applications


地点:教四楼C 613会议室



徐文远教授 (Wilsun Xu)IEEE  Fellow教育部“长江学者”特聘教授,加拿大阿尔伯塔大学(University of Alberta)电力与计算机工程系终身教授,加拿大电能质量首席科学家。徐文远教授在Albert 大学,建立了自己的研究团队,在加拿大,他与政府电力企业和研究院所有着广泛的联系,承担许多政府委托和企业资助的能源科技攻关课题。博士的主要研究领域为电能质量和分布式能源方面。




The application of power electronics to facilitate the transmission or          conversion of electric energy has been well known. This presentation will show a    different class of power electronic applications – the power electronic circuits are deployed to create small but discernible signals online. For example, a small notch in the voltage waveform created by a power electronic device can represent digital “1” and no notch digital “0”. Such signals are utilized for monitoring, power line   communication and other information oriented purposes. We use the term Power Electr-onic (PE) Signaling Technology to designate the technologies involved in these appl-ications. This presentation will review the developments in this fascinating field. Several highly successful PE signaling technologies and their applications are      illustrated. It is believed that signaling-oriented power electronic techniques will have many potential applications in power systems and can be a major source of      innovation for the smart grid initiative.